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Specialising in professional custom-made hearing protection and communication solutions since 1994, ACS is one of the leading standards for the leisure sector worldwide.

ACS has a range of bespoke products to protect your precious sense of hearing for various activities from Clay Pigeon Shooting to Swimming, or even help you sleep better in noisy environments.

  • The ACS Impulse filter gives a constant noise reduction of approximately 15dB, increasing to a maximum of 33dB when activated by sudden high noise.

    The small size of Impulse filters makes them unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, fitting easily under communications headsets or earmuffs where double protection is required.

    The Impulse filter protects hearing from gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from nail guns, drop hammers and riveting.

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  • Swim plugs from ACS give you a custom made, water tight seal that keeps water out of your ear whilst swimming and protects your ears against swimmers' ear and surfers' ear

    ACS Swim Plugs are made from a soft, medical grade, floatable, silicone with a hypoallergenic lacquer finish giving you confidence that your ears are safe from infections caused by water.

    Universal foam and wax plugs can help, but do not fit as well as custom plugs, often resulting in some water getting into the ears.

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  • The ACS SleepSound was created to help you sleep without any noise distractions and was developed initially for shift workers who needed to sleep during the daytime. However, users reported their effectiveness at reducing the level of their partners snoring to a degree where it became possible for them to sleep soundly without distraction.

    Made from a soft medical grade silicone and custom fitted to your ear shape, you can be assured our SleepSounds remain comfortable no matter how you sleep.

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